Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's time to consult the professionals

After several flips and two broken props, it is now time to talk to someone who knows quad copters inside and out.  I have tried my absolute hardest in trying to achieve lift-off, but nothing seems to work.  I even reprogrammed the whole quad copter.  This problem is truly out of my hands.  Next Friday, I am planning on going to The Prop Shop.  This is where I bought my quad copter.  There is one employee in particular that knows almost everything about quad copters.  I believe that he is coming back from the Philippians the start of this week and will be able to help me find the bug.  I followed all the direction to the letter, so I think that there is only going to be a minute fix.  After he fixes the quad copter I am going to ask to do a brief check of all the systems, so over the weekend I can hopefully fly it.

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