Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Houston We Sort of Have Lift Off

After hours of reading the manual I finally was able to put the finishing touches on my Quad Copter.  As of now all of the programming is finished.  So I tried flying the drone for the first time on Tuesday in my basement.  Unfortunately, I could never get it off the ground because one motor has too much power routed to it, causing the Quad Copter to flip right before it gets lift off.  I don't believe this is too big of a problem because when you fly a drone outside you would not be too tentative with the throttle because there is no ceiling.  Never the less, just to be safe, I am planning to go to the Prop Shop so they can inspect the drone for any minute problems before it goes up 300 ft.  

Also another minor setback is the snow.  I can't fly the drone outside now because of the snow.  The snow could easily short circuit the whole quad copter and that would not be good.  Fortunately, a warm front is moving in and it is supposed to get to the high thirties and low forties all next week.  This will cause the snow to melt and the ground to be soft from the melted snow.  Hopefully my drone can get off the ground in 2-3 weeks and then the hard part begins: learning to fly it. 

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  1. I'm excited to see more images of the copter. Maybe some video of it in action. Keep working hard.