Sunday, March 29, 2015

Huston We Have Lift Off

My drone is finally flying.  I went up to the hobby store and worked on my drone with them for a good 4 hours on Saturday.  Apparently the problem was that the motors were not spinning the right way.   The motors on my quad copter are brush-less meaning that they only spin 1 way, even if I decided to reverse the polarity of the current to the motor it would spin, just not as fast.  One motor on the quad copter had this problem and it caused the quad copter to flip.  The reason I had no idea this was happening was because the propellers spin so fast it is hard to tell the difference between one spinning at 1,000RMPs and another at 1,500RPMs.  Once this problem was fixed it was off to the races.
The first maiden flight I was very hesitant with the throttle, thinking that is was going to flip with any false move.  Thankfully it did not and I hovered it a few feet off the ground.  The second flight I was a little more ambitious and started to move it in a 10ft box.  Let me tell you it is a lot harder than it looks to pilot a drone than you think.  Off course with success there is always failure.  I had a few crash landings, but thankfully nothing got injured on it.  After a few shaky flights it became evident to me that I definitely needed a lot more practice.  These next few weeks my goal is to work on my piloting.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's time to consult the professionals

After several flips and two broken props, it is now time to talk to someone who knows quad copters inside and out.  I have tried my absolute hardest in trying to achieve lift-off, but nothing seems to work.  I even reprogrammed the whole quad copter.  This problem is truly out of my hands.  Next Friday, I am planning on going to The Prop Shop.  This is where I bought my quad copter.  There is one employee in particular that knows almost everything about quad copters.  I believe that he is coming back from the Philippians the start of this week and will be able to help me find the bug.  I followed all the direction to the letter, so I think that there is only going to be a minute fix.  After he fixes the quad copter I am going to ask to do a brief check of all the systems, so over the weekend I can hopefully fly it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Houston We Sort of Have Lift Off

After hours of reading the manual I finally was able to put the finishing touches on my Quad Copter.  As of now all of the programming is finished.  So I tried flying the drone for the first time on Tuesday in my basement.  Unfortunately, I could never get it off the ground because one motor has too much power routed to it, causing the Quad Copter to flip right before it gets lift off.  I don't believe this is too big of a problem because when you fly a drone outside you would not be too tentative with the throttle because there is no ceiling.  Never the less, just to be safe, I am planning to go to the Prop Shop so they can inspect the drone for any minute problems before it goes up 300 ft.  

Also another minor setback is the snow.  I can't fly the drone outside now because of the snow.  The snow could easily short circuit the whole quad copter and that would not be good.  Fortunately, a warm front is moving in and it is supposed to get to the high thirties and low forties all next week.  This will cause the snow to melt and the ground to be soft from the melted snow.  Hopefully my drone can get off the ground in 2-3 weeks and then the hard part begins: learning to fly it.