Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's ready to be Programmed

Finally after several hours and countless zip ties I constructed the Quad copter.  There are tons of wires going every which way.  Every thing is locked down with zip ties, so something does not fall off in mid-flight.  Also I hooked up all the wires to their corresponding ports, which you can see is very difficult.  All in all the quad copter is built and is ready to program.
So, I kind of hit a dead end when it comes to programming.  I downloaded the Naza-multi Rotor software on my computer(this software is needed in order to program the quad copter).  When I plugged in the quad copter to the computer it said that the quad copter could not operate on this computer.  After all the hard work of assembling the quad copter I was a little disappointed by this set back.  To fix the problem I went to the internet which told me exactly how to fix the problem.  Apparently the programming software comes in two parts and that is why I could not program it.  So now all that is left until it is able to fly is programming.

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