Saturday, February 21, 2015

Its Working

After construction and preliminary programming the motors of the quad copter are spinning.  The quad copter is a few weeks out until it is finally flight worthy.  These last couple weeks I have spent by programming the motors and the controller.  The controller is so complex, with  eight switches, you would think it be able to build a house all by itself.  lucky for me I don't need to use all eight switches. I am planning on only using two or three for the flight modes and the GPS compass.

For this week the plan is to read more of the manuals.  There is a huge step by step manual from DJI that outlines all of the prostheses needed to program, even the most complex quad copter.  And maybe this week I will start to program the GPS.  The GPS is very fragile in the way that it uses the Earth's magnetic field and satellite location to pin-point the location.  The problem with the magnetism is that the motors generate their own magnetic field, so the GPS needs to be out of range of the motors' fields.  If the motors' magnetic field does influence the GPS than it can cause the quad copter to go haywire.  After all the GPS is supposed to be the fail-safe system for when you're are going to crash.

P.S. The Video is in slow-mo, those motors are fast.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's ready to be Programmed

Finally after several hours and countless zip ties I constructed the Quad copter.  There are tons of wires going every which way.  Every thing is locked down with zip ties, so something does not fall off in mid-flight.  Also I hooked up all the wires to their corresponding ports, which you can see is very difficult.  All in all the quad copter is built and is ready to program.
So, I kind of hit a dead end when it comes to programming.  I downloaded the Naza-multi Rotor software on my computer(this software is needed in order to program the quad copter).  When I plugged in the quad copter to the computer it said that the quad copter could not operate on this computer.  After all the hard work of assembling the quad copter I was a little disappointed by this set back.  To fix the problem I went to the internet which told me exactly how to fix the problem.  Apparently the programming software comes in two parts and that is why I could not program it.  So now all that is left until it is able to fly is programming.