Monday, January 26, 2015

Quad Copter Control Center

The on board control center for the quad copter is what I consider the most important part.  The control center is the nucleus of the whole quad copter, every motor is attached to it.  In addition, the power ports are also attached to the control center.  The main job of the of the control center is to distribute the power to each motor separately.  This allows the quad copter to spin and turn by cutting power from some motors and boosting other motor's power.  Other than distributing power to the motors it also receives the signals from the ground controller and also coordinates add on devices like the compass.
This week I picked out the control center I am going to use.  It connects all the motors, receives signals from the ground controller, and can also hold more add on devices.  I am only going to add one device on my quad copter, the compass.  At the store the clerk explained to me how the compass makes the flying the quad copter a bit easier.  Originally the quad copter had set motors for each directions, meaning that if the quad copter is spun around the the north motor could be pointing south.  This causes the pilot to constantly look at the motors.  The compass would automatically inordinate itself and so the motors can switch positions causing for easier flight control.  The compass also prevents crashes if the pilot loses control.  The ground controller has a panic button which stops the quad copter in mid-air and hovers.

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