Sunday, December 7, 2014

The DJI Frame and How it Works

The frame that I received, free, with the purchase of four motors is incredibly light.  It has four arms and two sheets of light and strong plastic material, commonly used in circuit boards.  Today I put together the frame part of the quad-copter.  It was fairly simple, but very time consuming.  In order to get the directions to assemble the frame I had to go online and find them.  Once online I found a simple YouTube video on how to put the frame together.  It requires 8 long screws to attach the arms to the larger plastic board and 16 smaller screws to attach the arms to the smaller plastic board.

The next item I explored today was the battery, it is a 3300mAh 11.1V LiPO battery.  As I perused
 my way through the instructions on the battery it had a long list of warnings.  Apparently Lithium batteries are very temperamental and heat sensitive.  Most of the warnings were to ensure that, if in the case of the battery randomly setting itself a blaze, it would not burn your entire house down.  I am telling you these batteries are not the ones you pick up at the local drug store.